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Custom TV channels for Host

WelcomeTV is a custom-built TV channel that allows hosts to greet guests, share information about a property’s amenities and recommend local attractions using videos featuring nearby places of interest. Best of all, guests can access WelcomeTV on the property’s TV and/or their mobile devices.

Awesome benefits for both Hosts & Guests

There is no substitute for shaking hands, giving a hug and welcoming guests but for remote hosts Welcome Systems provides innovative solutions for a wide range of common hosting concerns.

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An Enterprise Grade Solution

For Short-Term Rental Hosts.

Do everything from setting up a new channel for your property to recording videos, in one single mobile app.

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For Property Managers.

Simple steps to manage large number of properties either through a mobile app or the enterprise grade management portal.

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About Welcome Systems

Welcome Systems provides innovative guest engagement solutions for short-term rental hosts. With a custom-built WelcomeTV channel, it’s easy for a host to greet guests, explain details about a property’s amenities and recommend nearby attractions—even if they’re not on site.
Our team is led by veterans of Silicon Valley and the hospitality industry who previously held senior product management and technology roles at companies that delivered TV services to more than one million luxury hotel rooms.

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